How to apply to be a Resident DJ?

Tribe XR is building a performance hub for our community. The goal is to build an audience/following to surround our users. To do this, we need trailblazers like you.


  • Build your following through Tribe's streaming and social channels
  • Tribe XR promotional support including weekly lineup and schedule announcement
  • Exclusive access to Tribe's Discord Resident DJ Channel


  • Able to stream a full 1 hour set to Twitch
  • Demonstrate mixing techniques with beatmatching or similar purposeful technique
  • DJ Name and Logo
  • Grasp of Camera system
  • Use of background visuals
  • Commitment of 2-4 streams per month
  • Attend Bi-Weekly meetings on our private Discord channel

How to apply?

Set up for streaming

  • Sign up for a Twitch account here if you haven't already.
  • Set up OBS or stream directly to Twitch from the Tribe Plus Video call.
  • When using PCVR, run a stream test before broadcasting to ensure audience can't hear your cue audio.
  • In order for us to review your stream, you need to:
    1. Enable VOD storage by going to your Twitch Dashboard > Preferences > channel settings, and turn on store past broadcast.
    2. image
    3. Once you finish streaming, go to your Twitch Dashboard > content > video producer, click on the video you just streamed, and copy the video URL.

Getting approved

  • Go to Tribe's Discord. DM the Resident DJ Coordinator tsickle#0061 with an intro message and your video URL from the last step.
  • We will get back to you in a couple of days to give you feedback, and if not approved what next steps you might take to level up.
  • Once approved, we will get you started with next steps!
  • If you encounter any issues throughout the process, you can go to the ❓Help channel on Tribe's Discord, or DM tsickle#0061 .


💁Resident DJ - Using the Stream Key and Overlays

📕Resident DJ - Guidelines